HR is long overdue for an overhaul. And the demand for transformation is higher today than ever.


Among the priorities to consider is the employee experience, which deserves more attention during a period of turmoil. The challenge for HR teams is to design employee experiences fit for the blended working environment — shifting from experience designed in advance to experiences designed in real-time.

In response to COVID-19, we’ve outlined four critical steps to speed up a future people-service portfolio, break from traditional HR operating models, focus on the initiatives most likely to deliver impact, and deliver them cost-effectively. Read our paper, Designing for Remote Employee Experiences to learn more.


Current Priorities 


Research from Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Study shows energized employees are more resilient, more likely to stay and more ready to reskill — all vital to helping the business thrive. But only 4% of HR teams believe they deliver an exemplary employee experience.


Below are the top current priorities for HR. Which of these does your organization need to work on?

How can we build a compelling talent value proposition and develop data-driven strategies to attract and retain talent?

How do we develop a business case for HR tech investments and assess our HR cloud-readiness?

How can we ensure our employee experience differentiates us, especially in the new world of blended work?

How can we evolve our HR model to fit with an agile work environment?

How do we inspire and engage our people through substantial change?


As organizations commit to improving the employee experience, HR can play a strategic role by transforming from a target operations model (TOM) to a target interaction model (TIM). In the TIM, HR becomes a more people-centered function. It places a premium on exceptional personal and digital employee interactions, with employee satisfaction as the key success metric. By targeting the desired employee experience and building on end users’ needs, HR will naturally create a new people-focused design. As Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Study shows, organizations with an integrated strategy, both within the business and across HR, are more effective: High-growth firms are four times more likely to have an integrated people strategy.


Support for all your HR consulting needs


HR transformation isn’t a one-time event — it’s a journey and one that keeps evolving as we embrace a bright new future for the profession. Whether you’re looking to make your HR strategy work better for your business, build the skills of your HR team or revamp your HR technologies, we can help.


HR transformation

  • HR transformation check
  • HR service delivery model design
  • People-centric process redesign and optimization


Digital strategy and implementation

  • HR IT strategy and implementation
  • Cloud/digital readiness assessment
  • Risk analysis and mitigation


Change management

  • Change management planning and implementation
  • Communication strategy
  • Project management: training, implementation and performance tracking

Get more out of HR technologies like Workday, ServiceNow and SAP


Are you providing an optimized employee experience for end users and your HR teams? Technology alone does not drive change. Mercer approaches technology through a people and business lens, evaluating your unique business needs and environment. Assessing Workday, ServiceNow or SAP? We offer up-to-the-minute advice on technology choices, deployments, optimizations, support and change activation. Get the most out of your investment with our advisory services and technology integration expertise.

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